A Tribute to Sir. R D Burman

Posted: January 4, 2013 in MUSIC


                                  The day 4th January,1994 can be considered as a sad day for world and especially Indian music because on this very day indian classical music legend Shri. R D Burman took his last breath. 😦

                                From 1960s to 90s era of indian music was considered as an era of R D Burman.Almost all hit movies used to have songs composed by him ad he even gave his voice to some songs and gave us timeless musical melodies.

                             If you know R D Burman and if you have heard even some of his songs you can feel about how much great guy i am talking.His musical contribution to Indian Music is priceless and as a respect he was given attribute of “Pancham Da”. He has composed music for more than 300 Hindi Movies and given us thousands of beautiful songs which are totally unforgettable. His compositions are so great that its not possible to create a list even like R D Burman Top 100 because doing so would be neglecting 900 great musical melodies. Even suggesting R D Burman songs is futile because each musical piece is soulful and beautiful enough to neglect so just Google his name and start listening any of the songs that comes first and i bet you’ll love it. 🙂

                       Just like list of his amazing songs list of achievements and awards of Pancha,a Da is just endeless you can check everything at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.D._Burman


                              When it comes to music composition and singing R D Burman is a true music maestero.And musicmonstro Respects and pays tribute all such legends.





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