Nothing But The Beat Ultimate- David Guetta

Posted: February 5, 2013 in MUSIC


                           Nothing But The Beat Ultimate the third album by French deejay David Guetta in last two years is also the second re-release of his album Nothing But The Beat released in 2011 followed by sequel Nothing But The Beat 2.0 and then Nothing But The Beat Ultimate!!

                          Theres no doubt that albums are really good but there has been issues and problems among the fans regarding double re-releases.

                       Usually re-releases are done of certain albums or songs to recreate their magic or to keep that magic alive or to pay a Tribute to the artist but in this case many Guetta fans,music lovers and even some critics find this re-release thing as a not a very good move.

                                        Lets see it this way, the first album Nothing But The Beat was a huge hit and lots of records were sold and it topped many charts and the it was re-released after a year as  Nothing But The Beat 2.0 with addition of few (around 9) extra songs which was even better than previous one but to enjoy new tracks all music lover would have to buy it again and it got on to nerves when  Nothing But The Beat Ultimate was launched  because it was meaningless to buy a whole new album just for few songs and it even killed or decreased the novelty factor coz majority of tracks ( 23 out of 30 tacks) were from the old album and that was what disgusted or disappointed a lot of people.


                            But leaving all that things aside on the overall the album is as good as you expect it to be with lots of really good feet pumping music mixing and featuring some fabulous artists which make this album giving a worth shot.

                    If you haven’t purchased it yet you can get all songs in  Nothing But The Beat Ultimate at



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