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So we earlier discussed the release and the the double re-release of Nothing But The Beat series but we are not here on musicmonstro for  news updates we are here for music updates 😉

Talking of music for me David Guetta songs are mood lifter and they contain something that makes me listen to each song again and again without getting tired. So now  i will take you tour of each and every album to my best knowledge i can…

 1.) Nothing But The Beat :

First talking about the first album it was all new package. Nothing was know about re-release and all and so album as expected turned out to be a huge hit.Its songs became chart busters and hot favourites at parties and even for listening and what we call Guetta magic.

Talking of songs each and every song is completely unique and quite a piece in itself.


Out of this my personel favourite are Without You , Turn Me On and I can Only Imagine followed by Crank It Up and Titanium and Little Bad Girl. But if you are a party animal you’ll undoubtebly love the whole album.

2.)  Nothing But The Beat 2.0 :


Leaving all re-release talk behind and going to over point what this album really had new over the previous one is my personal favourite song of all three albums “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) feat Sia”. The song being USP and showcase for this sequel is really a total masterpiece including some brillian music mixing by Guettaand singing by Sia.Its one of rare songs that expresses sadness and grief, packed up in a party beat material and both the effects,the lurative singing style and the feet pumping mixing of music, ae so mixed that they look disting as well as a masterpiece perfectly lined up with each other and even its video is quite amazing.

The other new attractions are songs Wild One Two and Metropolis .

3.) Nothing But The Beat Ultimate :

The final release of the Nothing But The Beat series and a probable end .

Not talking much among the new addition the total stand outs are Play Hard and One Last time. 

Well thats what i thought of this albums but as i earlier said just grab your copy of album and try it if you love guetta you’ll undoubtebly love most of the tracks and if you want any change or have any doubt you can comment below.