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                                             THE FORGOTTEN song from GREEN DAYs upcoming album ¡Tré!.It was first song released from the album releasing earlier this December but whats HOt about this song is that it is Official Theme Song for latest and final TWILIGHT SAGA series movie THE BREAKING DAWN PART – 2.

Well i don’t know much about the movie but i can tell you the song and it is beautiful.Written and Beautifully sung by Green Day’s lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong the is well suited for a romantic series like Twilight.
But what I really liked about this song is that it is completely different from all songs of album ¡Uno! which makes me excited about the upcoming album ¡Tré!.While album ¡Uno! was all electric stuff including songs and tunes which Green Day have been producing in recent times THE FORGOTTEN becomes a complete stand out.
This song is totally non electronic.In it there is use of drums and bass guitar but the acoustic guitar , piano and violin are the instruments used to create magic which is not very much like a Green Day song.Well it is good to see Green Day are going out of their comfort zone and still producing such a miracle.
Well i found this song really similar to their old song “GOOD RIDDANCE(TIME OF YOUR LIFE)” which is very much same to it but i like it more.